Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cute Actress Aryani Fitriana

Blood art which his mother a photograph of former model, seemed to decrease in Aryani Fitriana Kurniawan. From childhood, women born May 24, 1988 which is familiarly called Ryan direct bsa style when looking in the mirror in front of him. The signs, if Ryan has the talent in the art world increasingly acting as an agency looking to offer to star in Milk ads Flag. At that time, Ryan was seven years old.

Aryani began her career with a GIRL Favorite Cover Winner 2002. Then he starred in many soap operas and advertisements. Acting in the entertainment industry since I was seven years old, face Fitriana kurniawan Aryani aka Ryan is beginning to close the eyes of the viewer through the soap opera 'Cocoon'.

Mama, Nadia Patricia, immediately accepted the offer. Sure enough, when filming the ad, Ryan was very enjoy acting. He was undaunted by the camera the lights burning from various sides. The director even had time to express his admiration to see the little Ryan acting very natural. Successful little ad star, Ryan gets the role of children in the soap opera 'Sorry honey'. In the soap opera, Ryan serves as the son of Devi Permatasari. Although already been acting in commercials, but usually a child would be difficult to adapt to the environment that in fact is acting must also mengahafal dialogue. However, it did not get to experience Ryan.

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